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Ferrari: Mercedes should learn to lose with dignity

For the past month, many F1 teams have been busy in the FIA’s offices, with Mercedes complaining about the porpoising of cars under the new regulations and lobbying for a compulsory change in height from next year.

Such a move could give them a chance to catch up with Ferrari and Red Bull, who have found ways to circumvent the issue, or at least avoid it affecting their lap times, something that Mercedes are still trying to do without full success.

Piero Ferrari, son of the Scuderia founder and vice-president of the Italian constructors, has accused Toto Wolff and his team of trying to fix behind the scenes what they have failed to achieve in the factory and on the track.

“We will make our case, we will oppose any kind of manoeuvre,” he told journalist Leo Turrini in Quotidiano.

“For years, Ferrari has had an engine deficit against Mercedes, but we did not ask for favours or shortcuts.

“We lost with dignity, working quietly to recover and our opponents should also behave like that, don’t you think?”

The FIA’s new measures at Spa

A first step to curb car bounce is a new FIA measure that will come into force after the break, at the Belgian Grand Prix (August 26 to 28), where the possible flexibility of the centre skids on the floor of the cars will be reviewed.

This is something that Mercedes claim Red Bull and Ferrari have achieved in their bid to gain in lap time by avoiding the whole car jumping when going over bumps or kerbs.

For the W13, this type of situation makes them lose ground effect and effectiveness, as is the case this weekend in Hungary.

The top two teams have already indicated that the new specification will affect them very little, although in Spa we will see if there is a change and if Mercedes move closer.

Proud of Ferrari’s improvement

Meanwhile, Piero Ferrari has praised his team for the steps the Scuderia has taken in terms of performance so far in the 2022 campaign.

“As a company, we are proud of what our racing department has achieved so far,” he added.

“We were coming out of a difficult period and now we have a car that is competitive on all tracks.

“Of course, there are things to fix and details to refine, but this Ferrari is very competitive.

“Of course, I would like to win more often, so it would be nice to reverse the number of pole positions we have so far, eight, with the wins we have. So far it’s four, only half, but we’re on the right track.”

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