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Two of ELW’s best in Alyssa Thomas and Stephanie Mavunga face off

Euroleague Women’s MVP candidates Alyssa Thomas and Stefanie Mavunga will meet BC Polkowicz (7-2) for the second time in group play as ZVVZ USK Praha (7-2) clash. It will be one of eight games of the week spanning Wednesday, January 25 and Thursday, January 26.

According to the FIBA ​​panel of experts, Thomas and Mavunga are currently ranked No. 3 and No. 2 respectively in the EuroLeague Women’s MVP race, which is led by Fenerbahçe Alagoaz Holdings’ (8-2) Emma Meismann. Thomas has an impressive all-around stat line, averaging 18.2 points, 11.5 rebounds, 7.1 assists and three steals per game. Mavunga, meanwhile, leads the competition in rebounding (13.1 per game) with 16.1 points and two blocks per game.

It should go without saying that, while Thomas and Mavunga have been among the most productive players in EuroLeague Women, their teams’ records will weigh heavily on things when it comes time to determine the competition’s MVP. Thomas is joined by Connecticut Sun teammate Breonna Jones in Praha’s frontcourt, who missed the early part of this season’s group play stage but has since picked up where she averaged 17.8 points and 9.8 rebounds per game, leading in the WNBA. left an average of For Polkovic, Mavunga is accompanied by guard Erika Wheeler, who led her team in scoring last week with 30 points.

Elsewhere in the competition, Sopron Basket (7-3) will take on Spar Girona (6-4) in a game of tremendous defensive talent, while an impressive young DVTK HUN-Therm (6-4) team will target star-studded CBK Mersin. Another upset against Yenişehir Bled (6-4). All games will be streamed live and for free on FIBA’s Euroleague Women’s YouTube channel.

Wednesday, January 25

Fenerbahçe Alagöz Holding (8-2) vs Virtus Segafredo Bologna (3-7)

When: 11 p.m. ET

Where: Metro Energy Sports Hall, Istanbul

how to see: FIBA youtube live stream

Notable Players: Breanna Stewart, Satou Sabli, Emma Meisman, Kayla McBride, Alina Igupova, Kiyah Stokes (Fenerbaki Alagoaz Holding); Cheyenne Parker, Ileana Rupert, Cecilia Zandalasini, Kitija Luxa (virtue Segfredo Bologna)

Matchup Details: Fenerbahçe have been a complete machine since adding Stewart and Sabli to their roster, winning their last three games by an average of almost 35 points each, and are now averaging 85.8 points per contest. In theory Bologna should also have plenty of offensive firepower, but he hasn’t consistently put it together; The Italian club had an important win over Polković last week, but any momentum established in that game will likely be nullified against Group A-leading Fenerbahçe.

Olympiacos SFP (0-10) vs Etomeromu KSC Szekard (3-7)

When: 11:30 am

Where: Peace and Friendship Stadium

how to see: FIBA youtube live stream

Notable Players: Megan Gustafson, Kylie Shook (Olympiacos SFP); Victoria Vivian, Ruthie Hebard, Saisha Gorey, Sidney Wallace (Etomeromu KSC Szczecard)

Matchup Details: Is this the best chance for Olympiacos to win their first game? Zekszárd’s record could be better, but it has been unimpressive lately, losing four games in a row. These are the two worst defenses in EuroLeague Women (Székeszard allows 82.3 points per game and Olympiacos allows 81.1), so this will likely be a high-scoring game. Back in Week 4, Zeksvard beat Olympiacos by forcing 19 turnovers; Look for the Greek club to take better care of the basketball this time around and look for Gustafsson (competition-high 23 points per game) to continue putting up big scoring numbers.

Sopron Basket (7-3) vs Spar Girona (6-4)

When: 12 noon ET

Where: Novomatic Arena, Sopron

how to see: FIBA youtube live stream

Notable Players: Izzie Magbegor, Yvonne Turner, Jelena Brooks, Olivia Epoupa (Sopron Basket); Brittany Sykes, Rebekah Gardner, Mariana Tolo, Shay Murphy (Spar Girona)

Matchup Details: After a surprising overtime loss to Hungarian club DVTK Hun-Therm, Sopron strengthened its backcourt. Adding Olivia Epoupa, a veteran of the competition who has recently played a handful of games with Fenerbahçe, is averaging 4.1 assists and 2.6 steals. That extra defense will be helpful against Girona, a club that is already struggling to field an effective offense; Given the number of high-quality defensive players on both teams, as well as Sopron’s slow-paced brand of basketball, this will likely be a low-scoring game with the winner making fewer mistakes than its opponent.

BC Polkowice (7-3) vs ZVVZ USK Praha (7-3)

When: 1 p.m. ET

Where: City Sports Hall, Polkovice

how to see: FIBA youtube live stream

Notable Players: Stephanie Mavunga, Erika Wheeler, Artemis Spanou, Veronika Gajda (BC Polkovic); Alyssa Thomas, Breonna Jones, Maria Conde, Tammy Fagbenl, Valerian Vukosavljevic (ZVVZ USK Praha)

Matchup Details: When these clubs last met in week 4, they delivered one of the most exciting, back-and-forth games of the Euroleague Women’s season, ultimately ending in a 3-point Polković victory. Jones did not play for Praha in that game, however, as Wheeler had yet to join Polkovic; Both are needle-moving acquisitions, so we will see which player is more impressive for their respective team in this big rematch. Praha and Polkovic are No. 1 and No. 2 in rebounds per game, respectively, in the competition, and while Praha is ahead in scoring (80.5 points per game to 74.9), Polkovic has been much more effective from 3-point range, with Praha’s 4.9. making 9.4 long balls per game in comparison.

Beretta Familia Schio (7-3) vs. Baskett Landes (2-8)

When: 1:30 p.m. ET

Where: palazzetto livio romare

how to see: FIBA youtube live stream

Notable Players: Raine Howard, Marina Mabrey, Amanda Zahui B., Estou Andor-Fall, Kim Mestdag (Beretta Familia Schio); Marine Fauthoux, Regan Magarity, Celine Dumarck (Basket Lands)

Matchup Details: We are at a point in the Euroleague Women’s season when the contenders have become clear. Simply put, Shio is one of them and Landes is not. Schio ranks just behind Avenida for Group B’s best offense (71.8 points per game) and has the high talent needed to participate in the Euroleague Women’s playoffs, and the Italian club is currently tied with Sopron for the group’s best record. Has happened, so will probably get a chance to run it in a few weeks. Landes, on the other hand, has been downright poor on offense (59.7 points per game), and none of its two wins (Mechelen and Avenida) have come against the top half of Group B’s competition. This is one of the big mismatches of the week.

Tango Borges Basket (5-5) vs. Valencia Basket Club (7-3)

When: 2 p.m. ET

Where: Palais des Sports do Prado, Bourges

how to see: FIBA youtube live stream

Notable Players: Yvonne Anderson, Kayla Alexander (Tango Borges Baskets); Lauren Cox, Mary Gulich, Raquel Carrera, Leticia Romero, Alba Torrance (Valencia Basket Club)

Matchup Details: Of the top four teams in Group A, Valencia is getting the least fanfare, but it is the only club in the competition shooting better than 40 percent from 3-point range and ranks second in the competition in steals per game. Is. (10.9). That two-way efficiency will be put to the test against Borges, who gave Valencia a close game in Week 4 but was ultimately unable to seal the deal. Borges also specializes in forcing turnovers, so ball protection will be of the utmost importance for both clubs in this one.

Thursday, January 26

DVTK Hun-Therm (6-4) vs CBK Mersin Yanisehir Blvd (6-4)

When: 12:10 p.m. ET

Where: DVTK Arena, Miskolc

how to see: FIBA youtube live stream

Notable Players: Arella Guirantes, Charidin Green (DVTK HUN-Therm); Chelsea Grey, DeWanna Bonner, Tiffany Hayes, Elizabeth Williams (CBK Mersin Yenisehir Bld)

Matchup Details: with a thrilling Worried With the Sopron club’s fourth-straight win, DVTK is officially one of the hottest teams in the Euroleague Women – something many fans might not have seen coming a few months ago. DVTK is facing a similar foe this week with Mersin clearly having the upper hand in experience and high-end talent. Can The Hungarian Giant-Slayers Do It Again This Week? Mersin won easily the last time the two clubs met, but DVTK now have momentum and confidence on their side, as Guirantes and Green have turned into two of the competition’s best young players as the season progresses.

Kangoeroes Mechelen (1-9) vs Perfumerias Avenida (5-5)

When: 2:30 p.m. ET

Where: Sporthal de Schalk, Willebroek

how to see: FIBA youtube live stream

Notable Players: Morgan Bertsch, Lisa Berkani, Xiomara Morrison (Congoeros Mechelen); Bridget Carleton, Michaela Oyenwere, Mite Cazorla (Perfumerías Avenida)

Matchup Details: Avenida’s free fall continues, now having dropped four-straight games after losing to Shio and looking less and less like the club that began group play with a 5-1 record. Making matters worse, Serbian forward Aleksandra Crvendačić, who was averaging 10.6 points and a team-high 6.9 rebounds per game, left avenida to a different club. All this, of course, still looks good when compared to McClain (seven-straight losses); On paper, Avenida still beats McLean despite several recent setbacks, and it needs to win this game if it wants to stay in the running for the Euroleague Women’s playoffs.

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