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2023 NFL draft: Commanders updated 1st-round big board

Now that the first wave of NFL free agency is over, most NFL teams will turn their attention to next month’s 2023 NFL Draft. That doesn’t mean teams will forget about free agents, but they won’t look to move on. Teams will look to the draft to fill remaining holes before turning to free agency to shore up rosters.

The Washington Commanders selected No. 16 overall in the next month’s draft. While the Commanders added players on the offensive line and cornerbacks, those positions remained at the top of the team’s draft board in the following month’s draft. However, having added two offensive linemen last week, the Commanders should not need to force a pick at No. 16.

We rank some of the best options for Commanders with their first round picks. Keep in mind, these are not rankings, but players that matter to Washington, given its needs and who may be available. So don’t expect to see Bryce Young, Will Anderson or CJ Stroud on this list.

Some players will be at positions Washington may not currently need, such as defensive end, tight end, linebacker, or running back, but they are further down the list and could fall to the Commanders and be an option .


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