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Ben Johnson downplays any worries about ex-Lions QB David Blough helping the Vikings

It is a focal point for a lot of pundits and fans, no doubt about it. When a quarterback leaves a team and joins an enemy, the worry about the former revealing the playbook or the intricacies of the offense becomes a major factor.

That’s certainly the case for the Detroit Lions this week. Longtime QB David Blow opted to sign with the Minnesota Vikings practice squad after the Lions unceremoniously dumped 53 players the morning after he cut the roster. Blow and the Vikings are on the docks this week, and there’s a lot of panic about how much they can help their new team against their old team.

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However, that nervousness is not shared by the person in charge of the lions’ crime. Coordinator Ben Johnson downplayed any concerns about him being a real asset to the Vikings in terms of knowledge or game preparation.

“We are like every other team in this league,” Johnson told reporters before Thursday’s practice. “Everybody steals drama from each other, so I don’t think anything we’re doing is revolutionary. There are certain things that David could know about us depending on the circumstance — well we know that too That’s what he knows. So, we’re calculated on how we respond to that. But yeah, I mean there are some things that we’ll address. Beyond that, though, once again they — we’re that The relationship isn’t going to end things.”

Johnson turns things on its head, suggesting that the Lions might use Blow’s perceived knowledge of the Detroit crime as a weapon of deception, an excellent point and it serves to assuage false fears of impending catastrophe. needed.


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