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Mike Meltser breaks down Texans being named as defendants in lawsuit related to Deshaun Watson

(AP Photo/Justin Rex)

“I thought there were a couple of things, but to me, there are a couple of ways that Tony Buzbee in this lawsuit attempted to connect the Texans to the behavior that may or may not have been going on. So, the first is Genuine Touch is the massage therapy place that we all read about in the New York Times a couple weeks ago, and the owner is somebody named Joni Honn. And according to the lawsuits, as early as June of 2020, Joni Honn complained to the Texans that Deshaun Watson was seeking out unqualified strangers for massages via Instagram. That would be number one.


“Number two, Tony Buzbee cites to a deposition — this is [director of player care & sports medicine] Roland Ramirez admitting to the Houston Police Department that he and [executive vice president of football operations] Jack Easterby helped secure a membership at the Houstonian for Watson where some of these things may have taken place. Roland Ramirez, third thing, admitted that Deshaun asked for a massage table from the Texans and Ramirez in that part of the deposition admitted that it was strange.


“There was a very interesting — I guess this is number four or five now — section of the lawsuit where it talks about this November 2020 Instagram post — remember by Niah Smith where she stated, ‘I could really expose you’ about Deshaun Watson, and this is when — if you remember the New York Times story — Deshaun goes to the Texans, gets the NDA from Brett Nacara, there’s a whole bunch about that. Well, this lawsuits claims that the Texans removed that social media post by Nia Smith. How that did that I am not sure about. But that’s what that lawsuit claims at least two or three times.


“And I guess my last one is there is a bunch of writing here in the middle portion about a massage therapist. I’m probably going to butcher this lady’s name, and I apologize if I do so, but Magen Weisheit, who was not under a formal contract but seems to be basically a massage therapist who routinely provided massage therapy services to Texans players. This is somebody who apparently went to London with them, and I think that was 2019. And there are some interesting text messages in this lawsuit in that when Magen learned about the Ashley Solis complaint, which was not in March 2021 when we all found out about it, but a year earlier in March 2020, there’s a text message in this lawsuit in which Magen Weisheit asks, ‘Out of curiosity, was it Deshaun Watson?’ I thought a key part of the lawsuit, which, to me, at this point is not proven, is the idea that Magen Weisheit, she stated — I don’t know where, when, how — that she intended to reach out to the Texans. Then Tony Buzbee wrote, ‘Assuming that she did so, the Texans would have been on notice as soon as March 2020.’ But it only says ‘assuming she did so.’ We don’t know if she actually reached out to them and let them know about the Ashley Solis complaints.”

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