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Tom Brady praises Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ performance in AFC divisional round

The rivalry between Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady has produced a classic showdown on the field and much respect off it. The two superstars have faced off at Super Bowls and charity golf events and shared a Madden video game cover over the years.

The chance for both players to be in another Super Bowl this season was dashed in the wild card round when Brady’s Buccaneers lost to the Dallas Cowboys. The loss allowed extra time for Brady to see Mahomes in action during the Divisional Round, after suffering a tremendous ankle sprain.

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Earlier this week, Brady invited former head coach Andy Reid to his Sirius XM show ‘Let’s Go’ to share his thoughts on the game and praise Mahomes’ toughness and leadership.

Brady said, “I respect him as a leader, not just the way you throw a football, a lot of guys can throw a football, but it’s overrated.” “In my view, it’s a little bit too much. What’s really important is, do people play with you for you? And do they love you? And do they respect you? And if they do, I Know you’ll be a great player because they’re watching everything you do. They’re watching you, how you sit in the cafeteria, they’re watching how you interact with the people who play with you. Walk in the door together, so when they love and respect you, you’ve got someone great. Now you add some of his physical traits. That’s a whole different thing.

Mahomes suffered a concussion at the end of the first quarter and was pulled from the game by Reed for further medical examination. He appeared troubled on the sideline, but returned in the second half to score a game-clinching touchdown in the fourth quarter.

“He’s a tough guy,” Brady said. “And I told her this the other night, I said, ‘I’m really happy for you.’ And, you know, at the end of the day he’s championed, you have to go out there, and you have to do what he did, or you know, and make it this far and do whatever it takes. Let the other team know that you push yourself to the limit and you see, that’s what I’m here for.

“It’s inspiring about sports that I don’t feel good all the time. Everyone talks about Michael Jordan when he was sick, and then you know, you see other guys come out and get injured. You know, that’s what we respect about sports, it’s not like we’re trying to put our lives on the line, which is obviously very scary, but you guys really got to go inside want to inspire you to dig deep, not just physically, not just emotionally, and not just mentally, how are you, what are you made of? And I think that a lot of times, especially in today’s sports, We’re not really teaching much about it.”

Mahomes is seeking his second Super Bowl title while remaining in contention for another league MVP award. He has earned respect around the league, and his willingness to play through pain to help his team win has arguably influenced one of the greatest quarterbacks of this generation.

Brady said, “I really respect Patrick for how we came out in the second half and how angry he was when Coach Reid fouled him, of course, you know, he had a word for you.” “But to come out of the second half and play brilliantly. You know, that was wonderful to see.


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